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our philosophy

Our top priority is to make your event the best celebration it can be, and to reflect you as a couple (for weddings) or your vision as host. So what exactly does that look like?

  • We are proud to be an inclusive business. We are an LGBTQ-friendly business and want to work with whoever wants to work with us. All are welcome here and we can't wait to celebrate your love, no matter what that looks like.

  • Want to wear a black wedding dress instead of white - or even a black wedding suit instead of a white dress? We're HERE for it. Want to get married in a bowling alley instead of a church? HECK YES, let's make that happen. Want a churro tower instead of a birthday cake? We'll bring the chocolate dip for it. While we love a traditional event and are totally excited to help with those, we are so supportive of a client who wants to go for the non-traditional. Let's make your event a true reflection of you!

In short, we want your event to reflect you. Just bring yourself to planning sessions, we'll do the same, and we'll have a blast. 

our team

ali stewart | founder and event planner

Ali's interest in event planning started at a young age. As a little girl, she would draw mock-ups of tablescapes and wedding dresses and flower arrangements, having grandiose visions of her own wedding that she hoped for one day. However, the interest went far beyond the visuals - the idea of creating timelines, budgets, and to-do lists always accompanied the designs, and she found they excited her just as much as the design details. In college, she planned over 20 events per year for a student networking organization that she was involved in. Though after college she pursued a corporate career in operations and project management, she took on a few events each year on the side and always enjoyed it. In 2021, she got to plan her own wedding and things all came full circle. 

What you'll get from Ali is a high degree of organization behind the scenes, while letting you enjoy your event. She's excited to help put structure in place to make sure everything is taken care of, but recognizes that some clients want to be super-involved while others may want to be more hands-off. Whatever you prefer, she's your gal! Ultimately, her goal is for her clients to have the time of their life and enjoy this special celebratory season. 

Ali currently lives in Smyrna, Georgia with her husband, Judson, and ridiculously photogenic cat, Cookie, who occasionally appears on the 1105 Events Instagram page.

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